Tulum Honeymoon

I had never even heard of Tulum until my, then fiancé, suggested it as our honeymoon destination,  a quick google search and I was in! We had such a difficult time deciding on exactly where we wanted to stay, so we ended up a few nights in three different small "boutiquey" hotels. One of these hotels was the Coqui Coqui, which was absolutely AMAZING and hands down our favorite! 


Before going into Hotel details, a few of my Tulum Favorites! We were lucky enough to be there right in time for all the baby sea turtles hatching! Once in a lifetime experience, for those who know me I LOVE turtles so this was just magical watching them run across the sand towards the water as fast as they could! 

We were also able to go to a Cenote! Which is a fresh water sinkhole, that was in the jungle. The water is cool, crisp and clear! There was tons of aquatic life about, which was so fun! 

A little about Coqui Coqui, it is a well known perfumery with unique, rich scents in addition to the small boutique hotels located in Mexico. There are known for fantastic spa packages featuring their selection of divine scents. So, this was my very first spa experience and man did it live up to its stellar reputation. Hours or relaxation aroma therapy,  messages, Full body sugar scrubs, hydrating  masks, and ending it all with a coconut water bath with rose pedals. I am now a "spa girl" thanks to Coqui Coqui. 


  We loved the hotel so much that we went to the other two locations and were able to meet and hang out with the owner Nicholas Malleville. We were so sad to find out recently that the Tulum Hotel was closed down due to Mexico's government not allowing foreigners to own ocean front land outright. We do hope to see the Coqui Coqui Tulum return but there are still two other locations that are equally worth the trip. 


“I wanted to make perfumes in a simplistic way, to regenerate original scents, not create something that was intangible or untouchable. My perfumes are simple, naïve, stripped back; so that my children, my grandfather, a Mayan, or a Parisian can wear them. 

Scents that can be appreciated by everyone. ”

— Nicolas Malleville


Coqui Coqui was the highlight for our honeymoon and I do hope to return there someday! Wishing them the best of luck and hope the Tulum waterfront location will open again, but I do have to admit I am so thankful we were able to stay there before the closing because man... what an experience.