My Top 10 Travel Tips

After returning from another amazing trip over to Europe I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite travel tips that I have learned over the years. I hope these help you on our next great adventure. 

1. Pack Light 

This has taken me some time to perfect and I may even do a post in the future specifically about packing light for international travel.  If possible pack only in a carry on, I have had my luggage lost or delayed arrival on enough occasions that it just isn't worth it if you are going to be traveling for a month or less. It is also so much easier to get around with just a carry on if you plan to travel to multiple destinations. I think about this often, if I end up truly needing something I can most likely buy it wherever I am going. This means I always pack more contacts then I think I will need since I know it would be difficult for me to get but pretty much everything else (for me at least) I could just buy if need be.  

2. Pre Plan your outfits 

This takes some definite time and thought but is SO worth it. I take about 3-5 days pre packing and planning outfits. May seem silly but in the end I am much better prepared, I pack less, and am happier with the items I do pack. This last trip I really took time into packing and it really paid off. I only used 1/2 of my carry on suitcase which left room for souvenirs!    

3. Pack Laundry Detergent 

The first few times I did longer travels I didn't bring laundry detergent so I packed a months worth of socks, underwear, etc. if you are staying in air bnbs it is so nice to do a quick load here or there or even wash in the sink if you must. I have really sensitive skin so Its important to me to pack my own. If you are packing everything in a carry on buy the dry powder pods that way it wont count as your liquids! I highly recommend the Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Packs  


4.  bring Earplugs 

You will never regret packing ear plugs! Whether you are staying at hotel with paper thin walls or you are downtown and the city life is just loud, having your own pair of earplugs ensures you get an undisturbed night sleep so you can be ready for the next days adventures! 


5. Be Okay with Changes in the Plan

Delays happen, weather happens, changes happen. If you go into your travels with a flexible positive outlook you will have so much more fun! 

6. Make Photocopies of Important Documents 

I always travel with at least a photo copy of my passport, you never know when you might need it. This is one of those better safe than sorry. 

7. Bring Cash 

you never know when you will need to get yourself out of a sticky situation, or you want to buy something small and they only take cash. Either way its good to pack extra! 

8. Take Lots of Photos but Enjoy the Moment 

In this day in age it is far to easy to miss the actual experience because you are too busy documenting it.  By all means take the picture, it is going to be one of your best, cheapest souvenirs, just don't forget to soak in the actual moment! 

9.Keep a travel journal

I wish I had started doing this earlier on in my traveling days but better late than never! Even a quick couple sentences per day is so nice to have to look back on and remember years later. 

10. Take care of your body

Traveling can really get your body out of whack, so take the time to prep it for the trip and care for it along your journey. Pack supplements like Wellness Formula (i've mentioned this numerous times and its my favorite immune system supporting supplements) and take throughout your trip. Not only is your body feeling the stress from lack of sleep and time change but you are exposed to so much on airplanes and public transit so just give your immune system a little boost and it will thank you in return. Make sure to drink plenty of water and try to find fresh local fruit as well. We like to look up raw food houses while traveling since we often start to miss veggies and clean food. 


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xx nichole