Here we go, round two of making your own kombucha! If you missed my previous post it talks all about kombucha, basic information on what it is, the health benefits, and a recipe on how to make your own first fermentation. For this post I am talking about the second fermentation, how to get your kombucha flavorful, fizzy, and some recipe ideas that I love. 

Plain Kombucha 

Plain Kombucha 

What is the second fermentation exactly? The second fermentation is an optional process to give your kombucha some extra flavor and fizz! Make sure to remove your SCOBY before beginning this process and save 2 cups of your fermented kombucha as your starter for your next batch. Second fermentation is where you can really have some fun with experimenting flavors and your personal likes. This is where you can add in fruit, juices, herbs, or just sugar or honey. You need some kind of sugar for it to get really fizzy! I personally prefer a juice and an herb, make sure you don't buy a sugar free juice or again there won't be much fizz. 


Prep Time: 10 minutes

Ferment Time: 1-2 weeks

Servings: 1 gallon


·      Kombucha from 1st fermentation 

·      Air tight bottles 

·      Fruit, juice, sugar, or honey (I'll give you some flavoring ideas below) 

·      Plastic funnel (optional) 


 1.  Take the SCOBY and 2 cups of kombucha out of your jar, place in glass or plastic bowl. 

2.  Fill airtight bottles with kombucha leaving a small amount for juice or fruit (about an inch or two)  

3. Add in your flavoring (herbs, fruit, juice, honey, sugar) 

4. Shut lid and place in a dark space 

5. Burp bottle every few days 

6. Taste every 3 days or until the kombucha is to your liking ( I let my 2nd batch ferment 1-2 weeks so it has less sugar) 

7. Once it taste good remove and place in fridge. 

Additional Notes:

Make sure to burp (open) your bottle every few days to release some of the carbonation. I have been fermenting mine for 2 weeks, the longer your ferment the less sugar there is as the bacteria eats it and the more fizzy it gets. I would not recommend doing more than 2 weeks on your first fermentation. 

Recommended Purchase List

I use two different bottle sizes: 16oz and 33oz   I really do like having both sizes to pick from! 


flavor ideas 

- Strawberry and Mint 

- Cherry and Rosemary

- Blueberry and Mint (my favorite) 

- Ginger and Honey 

- Blueberry Basil 

Let me know how your home brew for kombucha turns out and feel free to ask me any questions you may have along the way! 


xx nichole