Who else out there loves candy? It has always been my weakness, I have a crazy sweet tooth and I mostly go for fruity tart candies. Which quite often are the worst ones out there packed full of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dyes, and chemicals! For me cutting out artificial sweets was so hard, I would not eat any for weeks and then binge on sour patch kids or starbursts, leaving me feeling discouraged and sick! One day I realized that just cutting sweets out all together was clearly not working for me, so decided I needed to try something new. What if I could find a healthier alternative to turn to when I was craving those sweets but didn't want to have to compromise with the ingredients!?  I went to Pilgrims (local health food store) and picked up a variety of healthier sweets like Torie & Howard's Chewie Fruits. 


These Chewie Fruities are like a healthier, tastier version of Starbursts but made with all natural ingredients, kosher certified, free of any preservatives, additives, artificial flavoring, chemicals or dyes, and allergy friendly! So you will not be finding any wheat, dairy, corn syrup, gluten, soy, GMO's, or casein in their products! The best part is you can find them local, on their website, or on Amazon! A big part of the journey to a healthier lifestyle is finding what works for you! Having these around saves me from the temptation of eating candies that are so bad for me and will regret later! Grab some for stocking stuffers or to have out as a treat while guests are over, if you like fruity tart candy these candies are sure to be a hit! They also have hard candies, which are my favorite to sneak into the movies! 


I love this company, what they stand for and the yummy treats they have created! Below is a quote from the website that I love so much because as a lover of  sweets these really are treats that sooth my soul and don't wreck my health journey! Products like this are what have made me feel like I can sustain my health goals on the long term, thank you Torie & Howard! Go check out this amazing company and get your sweet on without the guilt! 


And so Torie & Howard was born, out of a mutual love of delicious & all natural foods that soothe the soul and nourish the body.

xx nichole 

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