Most of you know I have been a proud plant mom for many years! As an apartment dweller, with no outdoor space, they are key to keeping my sanity. Not only are they beautiful and make me happy but they also have some other great benefits, so keep on reading because I know at least a few of these are going to surprise you! 

1.  Reduce stress and boost mood

Studies have proven that indoor plants reduce stress levels and boost your moo. On top of that they improve concentration and productivity up to 15 percent so make sure you add a few to your office as well! 

2. Increase humidity 

Basically an all natural humidifier, the more plants you have the more humid your space will be! 

3. Reduce levels of certain pollutants (benzene and nitrogen dioxide) 

Indoor plants remove pollutants from the air by absorbing these gases through their leaves and roots. Yet another reason to have indoor plants. 

4. Reduce airborne dust levels

Unknown to science as to exactly how plants are able to reduce dust levels but according to a study done by NASA it has been proven that houseplants can decrease dust levels by up to 20 percent.  

5. Keep air temperatures down 

I am not a fan of being too warm and apparently plants feel the same way. When things start to heat up plants release excess water into the air from their leaves to cool themselves dow. This process is knows as transpiration which helps with the humidity which was benefit #2.  

6. Reduce Noise 

This was my favorite new discovery! We live downtown right off the main street so we have a decent amount of noise from cars and people. I didn't realize out plants may be helping to reduce the noise through sound absorption. Plant parts such as stems, leaves, and branches absorb sound.

7. They improve the aesthetic of your space 

The indoor jungle look  can turn even the blandest space into a Pinterest worthy dream space! 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Home Depot or your nearest nursery and pick up a few plant babies for your home! 

xx nichole