Have you heard of the company Cannuka? They use the unique combination of CDB and Manuka honey to create simple, natural skin therapy. I used the Beauty + Health Collection and am going to be reviewing it below along with talking a little bit about the brand. 

Lets start by discussing the company as a whole and then move to my thoughts on the specific products! This family run company is doing something that I can stand behind, they are trying to do something different which I respect! Their mission is "to legitimize the cannabis industry which will inevitably create a more healthy populous, a cleaner environment, and could ignite an industrial revolution we have not seen since the roaring 1920’s." 

They use three main ingredients: 

CBD: A natural antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory properties to calm, heal and revitalize the skin that is derived from hemp (no THC). 

Manuka honey: a powerful anti-bacterial and antimicrobial agent that balances the skin’s pH and contains amino acids.

Vitamin rich oils: Vitamin E, hemp seed oil, rose hip oil, and grapeseed oil, contain powerful free fatty acids to replenish and protect the skin.

Alright now to the actual review of the products I tried! All of their products have simple, natural ingredients that you can read and understand which gives them another thumbs up on my end. 

Healing Skin Balm: 

This product was the biggest surprise out of them all! I struggle with dry skin and eczema and this balm felt amazing on those patches. This is the one product I will most likely order again because it relieves the discomfort of my eczema almost instantly! Great for spot treatment on dry patches, even used on my nose when it got a little peely after Mexico and it healed that up so quickly without clogging my pours.  

Nourishing Body Cream:

This was the only product I really didn't like. The consistency is really watery and just does not apply well. Love the idea of it especially with how well my eczema did with the balm but this product did not quite live up to its description. 

Calming Eye Balm:

Really nice thick consistency similar to the Healing Skin Balm but a bit smoother. I did not notice a visual difference in under eye but you now that this is hydrating your skin VERY well! 

Cleansing Body Bar:

I really like this soap, I have used a few times on my face and no issues at all which was nice. For how fast my dear husband goes through soap I am not sure I personally would fork out the $18 but if it was just for me or if I continue to use as just soap for my face then I would say well worth it! No strong scent leaved you feeling fresh and clean. 

Hydrating Lip Balm:

A nice chapstick and a great option with someone with extremely chapped lips, I have been applying at night after I brush my teeth and my lips are extra hydrated come morning! This product is only $9, great price for the quality!  


Overall I am pretty impressed with this company and would recommend for those who have dry, sensitive skin! Want to check out more of their products? Click HERE

xx nichole