Why I Use dōTERRA?

This is one of those posts I have said I would write for a while now but haven't! I get asked this question a few times a week so thought it was time to finally answer it here on the blog... Why do I use dōTERRA essential oils?  I will cover why I use them and I why I switched oil brands below! Hope you enjoy! 


Did you know they test their oils 7 different ways?  Not only are they tested in 7 different ways but it is through a third-party verifying that every batch of oils are certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. I really like that they test every batch and not just testing at random. Oh and did I mention you can look up the test online? Check it out HERE.  This makes me feel really safe since the information is so easily found. 



dōTERRA educates the people who use their oils. They have hundreds of hours of free resources available, Facebook pages, webinars, printed materials, recipes, as well as outstanding customer service! From the day I started thinking about using their oils I felt so educated, if there were any questions I had they were answered above and beyond. I was invited into Facebook groups and sent really helpful information. The main thing that stood out to me was their consistency, not pressuring people but consistently being there for people asking if there was anything they needed help with any questions that needed to be answered, all around amazing support!



dōTERRA is THE largest oil company in the world they have a strong commitment to doing things with the utmost integrity, which can be seen not only in their purity and openness with their test results of the oils but with how the company is run. 

One of dōTERRAs competitors published a website which went viral via a link on the owner’s Facebook page. This site accused dōTERRA‘s peppermint of having a synthetic called ethyl vanillin. Dr. Pappas ( and essential oil chemistry expert) quickly refuted the claim. He does testing for many different companies, one of them being dōTERRA (he does not work for them). The use cutting edge technology and many different ways to test as discussed earlier going above and beyond to make their customers fell comfortable and safe with their products. 

The sourcing of oils is another aspect that dōTERRA  shows they care about the quality. The plants are grown where they are native, the soil is tested to make sure it is prime, then it is harvested at the perfect time, distilled for the ideal amount of time at the perfect temperature. Resulting in a very high quality oil! 



I remember the first time I smelt dōTERRAoils immediately liked the smell better than other oils I had used but had been told they smell that way because they must be altered or are not distilled correctly. As I began to research this company in depth I found that neither of those points hold any truth, the smell so good because they are PURE, very high quality, and optimally-sourced oils.


There are other great aspects of this company like their foundation Healing Hands (read more about that HERE) which is awesome but was not a big factor in my decision. 

This next section is specifically for why I personally chose to use dōTERRA over Young Living. Right up front if you have a different opinion than what I am about to say that it totally okay, but I ask that you are respectful. I am not trying to put you down I am simply wanting a to write out exactly what I have learned and the reasons I use what I use so that I can refer the people who ask me frequently why I decided to switch. So please, no negative comments, not trying to start a debate here. 

I LIKE THE SMELL OF THE OILS BETTER. It was the first thing I noticed, I really like dōTERRA's smell better, which in the end results in me using the oils more frequently. This may seem a bit strange but I really did not like the smell of most of the YL oils, especially the blends. I had been told that dōTERRA smelt that way because they had synthetic ingredients which as I mentioned earlier is actually not true! 

I LIKE THE DESIGN BETTER. As a blogger / someone who just cares about aesthetics this mattered to me more than maybe others but I am just being honest here. I like the way the oils are bottled and displayed and I like how their classic diffuser looks better than YL does. The company is more about simplicity and design, which is what I like. 

I LIKE THEIR PRICES. doTerra is cheaper than YL (often by $5-$10) and who doesn't love a little better pricing!? Since they are the largest essential oil company in the world they are able to offer cheaper pricing as well as cheaper shipping.  

I LIKE THEIR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY.  dōTERRA has extensive third party testing done before they are tested by dōTERRA ( I discussed the testing above). I by no means want to talk badly about YL but another reason why I switched is they  have recently (this id not their first time) been in the media for people testing the oils and finding adulterations: "a recent test results which was performed by 3 different independent labs on 5 different bottles of cinnamon bark and 1 bottle of Thieves found every bottle to be adulterated."

I LIKE HOW THEY EDUCATE. When I became a wellness advocate with dōTERRA I immediately noticed a big difference with how they educate. I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do step by step, which has made me myself a better educator to others! I felt really well equipped to be a part of the team! 

I am a wellness advocate through dōTERRA, which I LOVE! If you would like to learn more about this please do not hesitate to ask! Check out my website HERE for more details as well as you are able to shop if you want to try dōTERRA's amazing products yourself! 


xx nichole