I started knitting when I was in 4th grade, back when it was kind of dorky, but cute that an 11 year old was trying to create, regardless how the product turned out. Most of my projects consisted of scarves and those headband- ear warmers with a flower on the side, which used to be so trendy! It was really fun making knitted gifts for people but eventually like most of my hobbies it began to phase out. 

It must have been at least 3 years since I had touched my knitting needles or yarn. I had a brief interest in college to make infinity scarfs when those became so popular. For Christmas Tanden got me some super thick yarn to make a blanket out of and made me huge knitting needles out of broom handles. This sparked my interest in knitting once again and I couldn’t wait to begin my newest project! I ended up returning the yarn for wool roving, which is even thicker and thus would take less to make the chunky blanket. 

This project ended up being a very interesting learning experience for me! If you look online, the costs of chunky knit blankets are pretty high. Then you look at the wool roving and it all makes sense. Retail it costs about $35 per pound, which adds up fast! I ended up needing 7 pounds for a small throw blanket. 

I cast on 21 rows and it took about an hour and a half to complete the blanket! The finished dimensions is about 42x60. The process was very fun and pretty quick which was nice! If you already know how to knit this is a fun and trendy and I would recommend giving it a try! If you are a new knitter and you are up for the challenge go for it but I do think it was much easier having the years of basic knitting experience because it can get a bit overwhelming with such a large and heavy project.  Feel free to comment below with any questions! 

xx nichole