Charcoal lemonade was a pretty new discovery for me back in the summer of 2016. My first experience with it was in Newport Beach at a juice bar called Nekter. I wasn’t feeling very good, had one too many glasses of wine at a cheese and wine tasting party the evening before, so my sisters and I decided to go out for juices! My sister Ingrid grabbed a charcoal lemonade as we ordered, I asked her about it since I had never had one before. She began to tell me all the benefits of charcoal and how it is a great way to detox. I tried a sip, and LOVED it, so I bought myself one and within 15 minutes I was feeling way better. 

Charcoal Lemonade

Over the remainder of the summer charcoal lemonade was my obsession; I couldn’t get enough! Anywhere we went I asked if they sold charcoal lemonade and would go out of my way to stop at places I knew had it. But man, it is actually pretty expensive for it being basically just lemonade. So thus my journey into making what I think is the perfect recipe!  I make mine in individual bottles so this recipe is per bottle! 

Charcoal Lemonade
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charcoal Lemonade 


  • 1.5-2 lemons
  • 2 TBS maple syrup, 10 drops stevia, OR 2 TBS raw sugar 
  • 1-2 capsules activated charcoal (HERE


  1. Squeeze lemons and add juice to bottle.
  2. Poor in sweetener of choice and your 1-2 (opened) capsules of charcoal 
  3. Fill remainder of bottle with filtered water and shake well! 


Charcoal Lemonade

Now lets talk about the benefits of activated charcoal. Taking or drinking charcoal is a great way to detox Maybe you ate something that doesn't agree with you, ingesting charcoal can help purge those toxins and get you feeling back to normal quickly. It is also known to help clear skin, reduce brain fog, cleanse from harmful inhalation of mold, reduces high cholesterol, aids with bloating and gas, and can benefit major organs by flushing out any toxins that would result in damage. I know people who take activated charcoal when they have been exposed to sickness and swear by it! My personal favorite is to take or drink activated charcoal after drinking alcohol, I take charcoal even after having just one glass of wine! It helps to avoid hangovers and it helps your liver not have to do so much. 

My only warning is DO NOT DRINK ACTIVATED CHARCOAL LEMONADE WITHIN 90 MINUTES OF TAKING MEDICATION OR SUPPLIMENTS. This could result in your medication not being fully absorbed by your body. If you have questions about this drink and your medication consult your doctor before use. 

Charcoal Lemonade

xx nichole