I have never been one for juicing, I thought it was time consuming and expensive. When we would go out I would grab a juice now and then because I really enjoy the taste and how I feel when I drink them. Recently I decided I was going to give juicing a try and hopped for the best. 

There were a few worries I had after my first few times juicing seeing all the pulp I was throwing away.

-Am I loosing all the fiber by straining the juice? There are two kinds of fibers soluble and insoluble, juicing has soluble but most of the insoluble fiber is lost. So no I am still getting good fiber through juicing.

-Will I be loosing other good nutrients from straining? Yes, some will be lost but there are still a lot left in the juice!

Once I did some research I felt WAY better about ditching the pulp, I tried drinking without straining once, the taste was great, texture was so difficult to drink! 


Why I believe that juicing does not have to be expensive and/ or time consuming.  Be smart about what veggies you are buying. I try to stay away form veggies that go bad super fast; especially in the winter living in Idaho out produce is not the best. I always have carrots, celery, and kale on hand. These three are great for not going bad as quickly as other veggies! I also ALWAYS have lemons; they are a must for my juices, basically canceling out other flavors making my juices yummy and fresh.  I do loving adding herbs as well if I have any fresh ones at home.


Here is an example of a juice I make:

1 Carrot

1 Stick of Celery

4 big leaves or big handful of Kale

½ Cucumber

Mint leaves

1 Lemon

1½ Cup Water

Optional 2-3 drops of liquid stevia


Hope you enjoy and feel a little more encouraged about juicing! xx