Healthy, easy, and delicious are a must with me when it comes to the kitchen! These three words describe this light, flavorful snack to a "T"! It takes minutes to make, there are only 4 ingredients, (3 if you only use one kind of oil) and it is low in calories!  

Popcorn holds a special place in the heart, not just because it is the best snack (in my opinion)  but because my entire life it has been a part of my family's Sunday night routine: "Popcorn Night" as we called it. I have been making popcorn on the stovetop for so long I can hardly remember when I first was taught how. I used to make the traditional stovetop popcorn, butter, and salt but have more recently opted for this healthier recipe that has become my go to snack!


Prep Time: 0 mins  Cook Time: 5-10 min Total Time: 5-10 min Servings: 2-4 servings


·      1 Cup Popcorn kernels 

·      Truffle salt ( I use this kind below) 

·     Can of coconut oil Spray ( I use this one below) 

·     1 Tbs  Avocado oil


1.    Pour Avocado oil into a deep non-stick pan, turning heat to medium-high. (I don't normally use non-stick pans but I have one designated pan for popcorn as to not ruin my ceramic or stainless steel)  

2.    Next add 3 kernels to the pan. 

3.   Wait for oil to heat and the 3 kernels to pop.

4.    Add the cup of kernels to the pant and shake around to get the avocado oil spread evenly.

5.    Once they have all popped pour into large bowl, generously spraying coconut oil and sprinkling truffle salt. 

6. Enjoy! 

Additional Notes:

Optional to add butter or use truffle oil for even more distinct truffle taste! 

When I grew up I always enjoyed a nice big glass of Coke with my popcorn! I now opt for a more natural alternative with my favorite cola Blue Sky. I buy these from FredMeyer, they are normally on sale for around $3 for a six-pack! It is made with cane sugar and I think taste even better than Coke! There are also colas made with stevia for when I am doing no sugar but I do like the taste of this one the best. 

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave comments and feedback below or pin on Pinterest for later! 


xx nichole