The subtle floral taste makes this delicious drink a perfect Spring day pick me up! I LOVE matcha, like drink it everyday anyway! My first ever Eats & Drinks post was actually on a basic Matcha Latte. If you have not had a chance to read I'd suggest glancing at it before this post here


Total Time

5 minutes

Serving: 1 cup


·      Matcha Powder

·      Coconut Milk  

·      Lavender Essential Oil*

·      Honey or stevia



 1.   Warm water (not quite to boiling to avoid bitterness)

2.   Prepare a heaping scoop of matcha powder to be strained, strain and add water.

3.   Whisk matcha and water until there is a small amount of foaming on the top.

4.   Next add one drop of therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil and honey to the matcha.

5.   Pour matcha over ice and add coconut milk.

6.   Take a sip and enjoy!


Additional Notes



 *Not all essential oils are created equal by any means. Unfortunately most oils found at your local health food store are not as pure as they say. There is no regulation required (SCARY) so be REALLY careful about what you buy. Again do not consume essential oils unless you know exactly what is in them! I use Doterra and love how open and honest they are with their oil's purity! All of their oils are tested by a third party for purity and the results are available for you for EVERY batch sent out! I am always available to answer questions on this, just comment below! 

Hope you enjoy this variation of a matcha latte, perfect for Spring and Summer! Tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook  if you make it! I love seeing that you tried it and how you liked it! 

xx nichole