All you ladies out there who are looking for safer beauty products that don't suck I have found a good one!! At last I have tried a brand that doesn't leave me disappointed, and like I have yet again waisted my money. Living in a country where the cosmetic industry is virtually UNREGULATED (yea I know what??) it is so important to know what is in the products you use! In this post I am going to go over the company as a whole and why they have earned my trust and review the products I have tried so far! I am really excited to share some good news for once with a product review and hope you feel a bit encouraged as well. 


Their mission as a company is to get safer products into the hands of everyone! They are very open about their ingredients and provide "The Never List" that contains 1,500 questionable or harmful chemical that they will not use in any of their products. Their transparency is so important to me since so many companies change formulas leaving me clueless to whether or not they are still "clean" products or not. They review emerging data on cosmetic ingredients regularly using the best methods available, and even commission their own studies when more information is needed. This makes it so I don't need to constantly be concerned, if they make any changes I know it will be be a better product with their high standards of safer ingredients since they do not compromise on product performance or safety!  Another effort I appreciate so much is they are working hard to reform cosmetic safety regulations by raising awareness about the dangers of harmful chemicals to asking Congress to change legislation! 


No. 2 Plumping Collection: This was one of the first things I ordered and I LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is a hydrating face mask, face oil, and face mist. I use the serum almost everyday under moisturizer and it has helped with my extremely dry skin so much, leaving me with a dewy look I love! They have this same style collection for brightening and balancing skin as well. I often use the spray on top of my makeup to add moisture and the face mask I use about once a week in between all my DIY masks! 

Cleansing BalmThis product is perfect for anyone with dry skin like me. It cleanses the face without stripping it of its oils. Gets all the makeup off while leaving skin smooth and hydrated! I use this with my Clarisonic and they work amazing together! 

Rejuvenating Day Cream: I love this cream on top of my plumping face serum, super hydrating! 



Tint Skin Foundation: I don't wear foundation much since I really do try for a more natural look but decided to give this a go regardless as I had heard the coverage was on the lighter side. Which was true, this foundation does not have a ton of coverage like tarte's clay foundation for instance but it is build-able so you can add on if that is the look you are going for! Goes on way better with the retractable brush! 

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer: This was another LOVE for me! I personally pick this over the foundation since it is so hydrating, the name has it right as my skin looks dewy after I use it! The coverage is minimal as most tinted moisturizers are! This also provides a safe SPF of 20 (score!) This is my daily go to and will definitely continue buying when I run out! 

Mattifying Powder: I like to have a powder for under my eyes to keep my concealer in place, this defiantly does the trick!

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen: This was really one of the only products I would change since I really do look for the full coverage concealer. It isn't terrible by any means and does a decent job but is more for those who only need a light concealer! If I layer on two or three layers then it gives me that full coverage, but I don't like having to put that many layers on! Doesn't look cakey though which was a big plus! 

Color Pinch Cream Blusher: Another LOVE! This is a cream blush that goes on smoothly and easily blends into the skin! Cream blushes are great for a dewy more hydrating option for blush, I am hooked with this one! 

Lengthening Mascara: The product I am most happy with! All natural mascaras are normally the worst, disappearing by the end of day or loosing all of your curl. This mascara stays on VERY well and keeps my lashes curled all day! I have always preferred lengthening mascaras and this is really a great product, the best mascara I have used that isn't full of toxic ingredients. ** UPDATE** The NEW lengthening is AMAZING and somehow even better! Easy to remove but stays put throughout the day even through my workouts! 

 Sheer LipstickGreat hydrating lipstick! Often my lips feel really dry after using any kind of lipstick or stain! This leaves them feeling plump and hydrated! I tried the Petal color and love the soft pink, but there are 10 other colors ranging in shades! This is another great product to add more layers if you want more color. 

Powder Blush Duo: Color:Flamingo/Apricot I LOVE the rosy cheek look and all though I don'y like pink for most things I love pink makeup! This blush is the perfect color on my fair skin! I like that I can choose a little more of the apricot or the flamingo depending on how pink I want it! 

My overall opinion on Beautycounter as a company, on their skincare lines, makeup, and prices is  ✭✭✭✭✭ I really love most all their products and what they stand for is definitely something I want to be a part of! I also LOVE all the packaging, it is so simple and pretty! One comment on the pricing, I know some people will take one look at their website and say nope, that is too much... These are high quality products so compare pricing to Mac, Nars, Bare Minerals vs drugstore pricing!  There are always small changes that can be made, but I really am pleased with them to the point where I am going to stick with Beautycounter for the majority of my makeup and skincare products! If you want to shop and give some of their products a try feel free to use my site: . I am really excited to be a part of this company and support people who want to change the beauty industry for the better! 


xx nichole