My journey for finding clean makeup that actually works has been long and discouraging. I haven't been keeping up with reviewing since it's honestly not that fun when I don't like the companies products. However I am back as I think it is helpful for others! My review on W3ll People's mascara and concealer below! 

If I had to pick the 2 main makeup items I use daily it would be concealer (for under eyes) and mascara. Yes, I do love adding some cheek tint, maybe some eye shadow, or tinted moisturizer, but I could live without them. These two are the main items I try out with the brands I am experimenting with. My overall thoughts on W3ll People is that they are not great  when compared to "normal" makeup brands.  When compared to "clean" makeup brands they are pretty decent as some are just down right horrible. I don't want to settle for pretty decent because I think there must be options out there that actually work well! 

The Concealer: I ordered the lightest shade, fair. It was still a bit dark at least for me in the winter (perfect for summer). The consistency is watery but had a nice natural coverage. I do multiple layers for a more “made up” look. I didn’t love the concealer at first but I have grown to like it over time. The tube lasts a really long time which is my favorite part since I use concealer everyday!

The Mascara: This mascara has won awards from both Allure and Elle. I ordered the color black and it was true black. The consistency was okay, almost heavy to the point my eyelashes wouldn't stay curled. The wear was a real bummer, by the afternoon the mascara was no longer on my eyelashes. I have never had this happen to me before with another mascara. 

I tried both products out for a few weeks before coming to the conclusion that I am not a fan of the mascara but do really like the concealer. Would I re-order again? Yes for the concealer defiantly not the mascara. I would still rather these than toxic products. I still have a Tarte concealer (rated 5 on Think Dirty). I would like to find a concealer that is a 3 or less but for now I am okay with a neutral product since it works so well. So I will continue my hunt for "clean" makeup products that actually work! Let me know what you use and love below! 


xx nichole