** UPDATED POST JUNE 1 2017 **

(See Below for update)

I have been in a weird place when it comes to my skin care and makeup routine as of recently. The last few years I have really been trying to switch everything over to being more natural, without all the harsh and unnecessary chemicals. Shouldn't be that hard right? Oh most certainly wrong. I have poured in hours of confusing and discouraging research, tested many different brands and when I finally found a product I was in love with, I found out it was actually still not so good. Many of the brands that claim they are organic and have no chemicals are just as bad as any other company, still sneaking in ingredients and false advertising. 

I found this app called "Think Dirty" similar to "Good Guide" which I had been using for maybe 4 years. Think Dirty is seriously a great app! I was starting to feel so discouraged with knowing what ingredients to look for and why those were bad and all the different names for them. This app gives you a scale (0-10) 0 is considered clean. 1, 2,3, and 4 to 5 is neutral, not necessarily bad and 6- 10 are as they call dirty ingredients. After I got this app I found that a lot of companies did have safe products to use but even good companies had makeup and skin care that were 10s. 

I eventually came across the company Ecco Bella. They are by no means all "clean" products, you still need to do a little research but their skincare product was! (Some of their makeup and their hair care products were 7s and 9s) The products I've been using are 2s and 3s. My goal is to have all my beauty products, skin, and hair products at a 5 or less. 

I ordered a set from them to just dive in and give them a try! I really like it so far! Its an Anti- Aging Foursome and they do have an option for Anti-Aging and Blemish which is great if you have oily acne prone skin. ** I have now been using this product for over 4 months and unfortunately do not like it anymore at all!! I wish I could return everything since that was a lot of money wasted but have ended up just throwing it away. My skin looks dull and dry, with little bumps all over. I stopped using for a week and my skin started looking find again and then started Ecco Bella back up, disappointed to find it was the culprit. I am back to the drawing board to find a skincare product I love with clean ingredients**   

Some additional products I use in my routine are Tea Tree oil for spot treatment if I have any bad spots, and man that always smells so good! As well as I use my Clarisonic at night to really ensure I'm getting all my makeup off! 

Overall I am really sad and disappointed int his company, I tried some of their makeup and was not impressed at all, don't waste your money on this brand! I told you all I would keep you updated on this so keeping to my word just sorry it couldn't be more positive! 


xx nichole