Yoga Wheel

I have never been a huge fan of props when it comes to yoga. Don't get me wrong, if you need to use a block or strap during your practice you should, I still have days where my muscles are feeling tight and the props are helpful during my warm up. I just never really needed them since I have always been decently flexible, especially when I first started practicing yoga years ago. However I have really enjoyed having a yoga wheel the past few months and it has now restored faith in yoga props for me! 

There are countless ways to use this fun prop! I generally like to utilize it for my spinal flexibility and as a shoulder opener. This has really helped me take my backbends to the next level!  After doing a quick warm up, typically a few sun salutations, I place the Wheel under my back and begin to slowly roll back and forth moving it up by my shoulders and then down right to my tailbone. It is an amazing back stretch and really helps to get a deeper arch! Make sure you warm up to avoid any injury though, you do not want to mess up your back! 

I have had a lot of fun experimenting on my own with my wheel, listening to my body and moving it around seeing what feels good but you can get guides or pamphlets showing you various ways to use a yoga wheel. YogaDev even provides some helpful videos to make sure you are using your wheel to its full potential! Check those out here. 

I ended up getting YogaDev's Wheel for two main reasons. It is a great quality wheel and it had the neutral colors I LOVE! As I am sure a lot of you know at this point I care a lot about the design and appearance of products but I do still care a lot about the quality. This product gave me both and I am so glad I have it! 

I know what all you Yogis must be thinking... where can I get myself one of these! Here is a link to Amazon for the exact one I have! (I do get a small percentage from this link if you do purchase!) These wheels are normally about $90 Amazon has them for $45, thanks Amazon! 

Photography by Laurel Cornwell with thirteen eight photography 

xx nichole 

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