Himalayan Salt Lamp

With Mother's Day right around the corner it has me thinking of good (in more than one way) gifts! Himalayan Salt Lamp's have so many amazing health benefits you may want to grab one for yourself and one for your Mom! These lamps have increased in popularity over the years for good reason, check out the reasons why I use one below.  

First lets talk about how these lamps work. If you have looked into them before I am sure you have read about the negative ion controversy. After much research I have found that Himalayan Salt Lamps do not produce negative ions (by themselves) , however with the help of a heat source (a lightbulb for instance) they are able to. They are “hygroscopic,” which means that they attract moisture and airborne water molecules, the heat helps to accelerate evaporation and create the negative ions. These negative ions are one of the main beneifts in using a Himelyian Salt Lamp. 

Here my 5 favorite benefits of having a Himalayan Salt Lamp: 

1. Boosts Mood & Energy Level 

2. Improves Air Quality 

3. Helps with SAD (seasonal affective disorder)  

4. Aids in Quality of Sleep 

5. Neutralizes EMF 

-  Neutralizing EMF is a huge reason I use my Himalayan Salt Lamp. EMF or electromagnetic field radiation are created by the positive ions that are discharged by devises such as our electronic devices. Scientists have estimated that we are exposed to about 100 million times more EMF than our grandparents were, yet it is discussed very little how this could and probably is going to affect us! Some of the health risks that are associate with EMF are disruption of hormones, disrupting sleep, influencing stress and anxiety, as well as causing cancer. These are some pretty serious risks that are caused by EMF so how does the Himalayan Salt Lamp play into this? Remember earlier when I was talking about how with the help of a heat source Himalayan Salt Lamps are able to produce negative ions? These negative ions are able to neutralize the positive ions from EMF. This does not by any means eraase the EMF's that are all around us, it is just one way to try and combat them. Other ways to reduce these EMFS are to keep electronics out of your room at night and shut of your wifi at night or when not in use. As I think this topic is really important  I will continue to resaerch it and keep you updated as I find out more ways to avoid and neutralize. 

Where can you get these lamps? I received my very first one from a friend which I have loved and try to have it on as much as possible. Mine has a small glass topper that you can add water and a drop of two of essential oils to receive a bit of aromatherapy as well. I found a similar one Amazon HEREOr another great option is this top rated 2pack of Himalayan Salt Lamps, you can have one for yourself and maybe give the other as a gift check those out HERE. (I do receive a small percentage if you choose to purchase through my link!) 


I do hope you feel a bit enlightened on the dangers of EMF and why I choose to have Himalayan salt Lamps in my home! If you are interested more in this topic I recommend checking out this book for a more in-depth explanation all about Himalayan Salt or this website has some insightful information on EMF's. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave those below!


xx nichole