Mrs. Meyers as Natural as you Think?

This is a hard post for me to write, as I have been a big fan of Mrs. Meyers for years and the thought of parting with the brand makes me sad. I have committed to make my home as "clean" and "chemical" free as possible. I want to be transparent with others who want the same thing with the information I find. I have LOVED Mrs. Meyers products for years and am saddened to find that I cannot trust their ingredients to be all natural. We use their, dish soap, hand soap, room spray, candles, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, surface spray, and surface scrub. So basically all of my cleaning products are Mrs. Meyers. As many of you have read my latest obsession with the handy app called Think Dirty (it's an app that tells you if your health and beauty product's ingredients are "clean"or "dirty") This has been a big hit amongst many of my friends, which makes me happy to bring awareness of how many "dirty" ingredients are in products that claim to be all natural and clean. However I was surprised during a conversation with my friend last weekend when she informed me that most of Mrs. Meyers products showed up as a 9 on the app. (7-9 is considered dirty or bad) 

The news of the potential harmful ingredients was a real bummer. If you have ever washed your hands with any of Mrs. Meyers soaps I am sure you remember the first time... Maybe thinking "wow this smells amazing", "I need to switch to this great smelling natural product", "I can't believe I ever used anything else!" That was certainly how I felt up until this weekend. So one app says that Mrs. Meyers is bad... is that enough reason for me to never buy them again?  Of course not, so I decided to dive on in and do some serious research on the matter. 

Here is what I found: for most of my source's the main reason Mrs. Meyers products are questionable is because of their fragrance. Why is this a big deal? The fragrance industry is protected by patent/ trade secret laws, which  allows them to hide ingredients. When you see an ingredient labeled "Fragrance" with no foot notes then I would start to become a bit suspicious.

“Our fragrance compositions use a combination of natural essential oils and safe synthetic ingredients. This allows for the most pleasing, quality, and intriguing scents – inspired by the garden – that you’ll want to use again and again. This approach provides consistent performance, quality, and safety in every bottle. All fragrances are phthalate-free.”
— Mrs. Meyers

So these "carefully selected synthetic ingredients " ... why are they necessary, and what exactly are these synthetic ingredients? Plenty of all natural cleaning products don't feel the need to use them! Lets continue with why this is potentially bad. What are the possible side effected from using synthetic ingredients for the purpose of improving the scent. Multiple sources such as Think Dirty, I Read Labels for you, the OCA, and the EWG all show Mrs. Meyers products as having potential dangers. Fragrance mixtures have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential harms to the reproductive system. (A side note, there are many other products who also claim to be all natural or green products who are not. I am not trying to single out Mrs. Meyers, that is just who I use for almost everything as well as many people in my community. (Simple Green and Method are other companies to watch out for.)

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Those don't seem so bad right? I agree the main concern I see is potential harms to the reproductive system.  I think my generation as a whole is so much more aware of how what we eat and what we allow our body to come into contact with affects us. We want all around natural health, good ingredients, good products that are safe and we have no problem keeping companies accountable to that!  Our environment is increasingly getting worse every year, we have so many toxins our bodies are fighting to get rid of, some we are aware of and some not. So to me why allow anymore potential harmful toxins in? Here is what it really comes down to for me, yes I ADORE the smell of just about all Mrs. Meyers products, but is it really necessary for me to be using them every single day...?  

Unfortunately NO, even though I LOVE the smell, it is not worth it to me to have Mrs. Meyers products a part of my everyday. Okay so finally to wrap up the longest blog post I have ever done thus far, Now what?? Thanks Nichole for ruining my favorite cleaning products, what am I supposed to do with this sad feeling (was right there with ya and I'm sorry) ... Here is my plan: I have a decent stock pile of  my Mrs. Meyers cleaning products that I do not intend on throwing away, because that is a waste and I still don't think the products are horrible. Instead I am going to cut back on the use and as I run out not re-stock, allowing myself to phase out. I will start to create my own products using the most basic ingredients possible.  Working towards creating recipes that smell amazing, since that is really important to me. Stay tuned as this will indeed be a process, but I am confident that it is possible to have good smelling, clean products in your home without there being mystery, potentially harmful ingredients. 

One last note, my goal for this post was not to scare anyone out of using Mrs. Meyer, but to open up the conversation about the fact that often times we are not given the full story when it comes to the ingredients in our everyday products. Care about what you are putting on and in your body, share with others, and keep companies accountable. Please feel free to comment below any thoughts, opinions, or your own research! 


xx nichole