ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is one of those health food items that I have found to be a cure all, much like coconut oil. There are so many different benefits with consuming ACV: soothes sore throat, prevents indigestion, aids with weight loss, boosts energy, can sooth upset stomach, helps your body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level, promotes detoxification of liver, okay you get it apple cider vinegar has some amazing benefits for our internal body, what about for the outside? Sharing my go to ways to use apple cider vinegar in my beauty routine, make sure you read all the way through, I may have added an extra one in there! 


What its good for: clarifying hair,hair protection, reducing dandruff, oily scalp, product buildup or dullness. In addition, anyone who wants a little extra smoothing shine. 

Directions: Add 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar to spray bottle and fill remainder with water. Shake well. 

  • PRE CLEANSE: Spray ACV Mist towards scalp. Massage into scalp to loosen dirt or product buildup. Follow up with your shampoo and condition (just ends).
  • AFTER CLEANSE: Spray ACV Mist onto freshly shampooed and conditioned hair to help protect scalp and close the hair's cuticle. This will help minimize frizz, leaving your hair with a nice shine.
  • AFTER WORKOUT: After a workout, spray ACV Mist toward scalp and massage in. After 30 minutes, hop in shower and rinse to clean away dirt and buildup.



What its good for: Clearing up skin conditions like acne and eczema. Also great to bring the skin's ph balance back to its natural acidic levels. 


Directions: Apply acv (watered down or plain) to a cotton round and apply all over clean face preferably right after you use your cleanser. 



What its good for: The vinegar helps to ease pain, itching and inflammation from sunburns. 

Directions: I have a blog post with three different natural sunburn remedies you can take a look at here.  I like to add essential oils with my acv in a spray bottle and mist over my sunburns after showering. 

Since you made it all the way to the bottom of this post I'll give you one extra...

Ingest ACV: I have used to do this more when I was in college to help keep my immune system strong. Now I do it more for gut health, which in return has helped clear up my skin post brith control. You could try to drink it straight, but diluting one to two teaspoons in a large glass of water is more bearable. Try to remember to drink it through a straw to avoid harming your enamel( I forget to do this often, oops!) 

Do you use apple cider vinegar in your beauty routine already? I'd love to hear how you use it, feel free to comment below! If not I hope you give these a try!


xx nichole