When I first started making DIY beauty products years ago I remember in many of the ingredients list it would say filtered water. There was never an explanation as to why it said that so I always thought it was more of a suggestion. As I do with most things in my life I started researching how to properly preserve my homemade beauty products and I quickly realized I was making a mistake by not using filtered/ distilled  water. Anything that contains water can potentially spoil, mold, or grow bacteria. Check out why you need to be using filtered water in your diy projects and few more tips to keeping your homemade goods free of bad baceria and mold. 

  • Always use distilled or filtered and boiled water. I know this can be a tough adjustment especially if you are like me and hate having extra steps in your diy projects.  However what comes out of your tap contains bacteria, some good, but some bad, which will be a growing mess if you use it in a recipe that you let sit for a long while. Using distilled or filtered and then boiled water really cuts down on the chance that you’re introducing a contaminant to your recipe.


  • Sanatize everything. All the spoons, bowls, measuring cups, lids, need to be sterilized. Boil for at least 1o minutes to make sure all the bacteria has been killed. I reuse my jars and containers for my homemade beauty products, between each batch I make sure that I first wash with soap and then boil all parts of the container. 


  • Make small batches. Especially when it comes to mixing oil with water; these two things LOVE to grow bacteria together. I know this can be a little time consuming but trust me you don't want to be running moldy products all over yourself. I try to have my most of my products last about a week or two but I also add natural preservatives like essential oils and Vitamin E oil to help extend the life of my products. 

xx nichole 

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