Muscle Relaxing Bath Fizz

Many of you just finished up the first week back to school! Students, parents of students, it can be a hectic time to adjust from that laid back summer routine. Seemed like the perfect time to post my Muscle Relaxing Bath Fizz! Just add a shake or two into your warm bath and feel the tension melt away, simple recipe below! 

Muscle Relaxing Bath Fizz 

Fills 500 ml jar 


1 1/3  cup non scented epsom salt 

1 TBS citric acid 

1 TBS baking soda 

2 TBS himalayan

10 drops Lavender E.O. 

5 drops Eucalyptus E.O. 

5 drops Peppermint  E.O. 


Add all ingredients into your jar and shake well. 

Hope you enjoy! 

xx nichole

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