Is your face feeling dry and dull maybe even a bit sunburned from the weekend? Try this easy to make face mask that will brighten and hydrate your skin leaving you with a glow you will love! Made with simple skin healthy ingredients to assist in the  hydration, cooling, and brightening, this face mask has quickly become one of my favorites! An easy to make recipe that is perfect after a day out in the sun! Check out the recipe below! 




·     Matcha 

·      Honey

·      Aloe vera 

·     1-2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

·    1 TBS  Warm water

·   *Optional Eggs White use instead of water if you choose to add


1.  Boil Water (I boiled a cup or so and then just used a TBS) 

2.  In a small bowl place hot water, Matcha, honey, aloe vera,  and essential oils. 

3. Mix together thoroughly. 

4. Use brush to apply mask on face. 

5. Let sit 15-20 minutes 

6. Remove with cool water 

Additional Notes:

I use Organic Evolution for my DIY beauty products since it is a good quality matcha but not super expensive! 

Questions on what essential oils to use? Check out my previous post HERE  that talks about what I use and why! 

This face mask's original purpose was to cool and hydrate tired skin but as I tested it I noticed my sunburn was a lot better after using the mask for just 20 minutes! I also noticed that I looked like a teenage ninja turtle while wearing this mask, so there are some definite plusses there. :)  I am a huge fan of making your own face masks by just using good quality products you have at home! I love how simple yet effective this one is and hope you enjoy it as much as I have! 

Give this easy to make face mask a try and you will love how your skin looks and feels after! 

xx nichole