The latest beauty product I have been searching for is a durable nail polish that is natural and non-toxic. The crazy thing about nail polish is even at your local health food stores there are nail polishes that are labeled as natural, vegan, and various other “health” terms but if you take to the time to look up the ingredients they are just as bad as many drugstore brands. I had purchased a few like this in the past and was shocked and disappointed when I saw they were actually no better than the other brands I had been using like Essie and OPI.  I had heard really good things about the brand Sophi so thought I would give it a try! I will give you a review on their nail polish, how to apply for the best durability and why you should seriously consider switching over to non-toxic nail polish. 

Lets begin with the question I know some of you are thinking... Hey wait, nail polish can’t be that bad, it isn't even absorbed through the nail right...? WRONG! The chemicals from nail polish are leached into your body and hit the bloodstream in less than two hours of when it was applied! This chemical also finds its way into your bloodstream through inhalation or ingestion (nail biting). Triphenyl phosphate or TPHP is the harmful chemical found in most nail polishes. Honestly one of the scariest aspects of this chemical, is polishes that tested positively for the TPHP did not disclose it as an ingredient on their product label. (source). TPHP is known to be a hormone disruptor, cause infertility, hormone-related cancers (breast and ovarian cancer), thyroid disorders, neurological issues and diabetes. After finding this out I honestly felt like it was not worth the risk to be painting my nails, so I didn't for quite a few months but then I started to miss it. Thus the hunt began for a polish I could trust! 

sophi nail polish review

Sophi has been the BEST natural nail polish out of all the ones I have used! Most I have tried chip on the first day or are actually not even natural and have horrible toxic ingredients (I have had this happen multiple times buying from health food stores)! This polish is a natural nail polish that is non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic, and made in the USA. They use a water-based formula to provide a safer alternative to chemical-laden solvent-based polish. Here are their ingredients: Water,  Acrylates copolymer, Neem Oil (May also contain colorants (depending on shade)!  I love how short thee ingredient list is, thats always a plus for me with any of my products! 

I went SEVEN days without a chip in the polish and I am hard on my hands! In those 7 days I went swimming almost every day, hand washed all my dishes without rubber gloves (I sometime use them as I notice it helps to keep my polish on longer), and went water rafting. Through all this the polish stayed beautifully. I think their Shine and Seal system helps a lot with the durability! They say blow drying in between layers helps to lock in the polish. I tried doing it without the blow dryer, which you can with just the color but not with the Shine and Seal, but I defiantly works better/ last longer with. I am super happy with this product and cannot wait to add to my collection! Check out the specifics on applying their polish below. 

how to apply sophi nail polish 

I wanted to add this part in since Sophi nail polish requires one extra step than most polishes. I recommend getting the SOPHi’s PRIME + SHINE + SEAL SYSTEM to keep the polish on longer. They even have collections available where you can get those plus two colors ( That is what I did).

1. PRIME (let air dry)

2. COLOR (1-2 coats, blow dry on warm low setting for a few seconds)

3. SHINE (blow dry)

4. SEAL (blow dry) 

  • Do THIN coats, their polish has great coverage and helps with the drying process.

  • Make sure you blow dry, this is an important step and the polish will look funky if you try to skip it!

  • This whole process did not take as long as I thought it would! I did my finger nails and toes in about 30 minutes including all the blow drying and coats!

  • They have a removal gel that works really well, I had no problem getting the polish off once I was ready!

I hope you are enjoying following along with my journey of changing my everyday beauty products over to more natural ones! Do you have another natural nail polish brand you like or a beauty product you need hep finding a more natural alternative? Let me know below!


xx nichole