I love trying to incorporate Lavender in the kitchen, especially in the warmer seasons. It has many health benefits on its own when digested so why not sneak it ,and another healthy ingredient, in for the fun flavor and benefits! This lemonade variation is a bit different but makes for a tasty beverage that is very hydrating and unique! Check out the recipe below! 

One of the main ingredients in this recipe is coconut water. I am not a huge fan of coconut water on its own, but it is so good for hydration! I decided to make this low calorie, sugar free drink as a replacement for Gatorade in the summer months! Coconut water is very hydrating and high in potassium (about 600 mg), making it a great beverage after intense exercise since it is high in electrolytes. Studies show that it also can benefit heart health, promote weight loss, balance ph levels, boost energy, relax muscle tension, and regulate blood sugar. 


                                                            Servings: 2 Glasses


·      4-5 Lemons 

·     4 cups Coconut Water  

·      Liquid Stevia 

·      Sprigs of Lavender or Lavender EO 



 1.   Squeeze juice out of 3-4 lemons into pitcher 

2.  Add coconut water  

3.  Drop in 8-12  liquid stevia (test for preferred sweetness) 

4.   Use one** drop of lavender essential oil 

5.  Stir and enjoy! 


Additional Notes

** Even just one drop of essential oils can be very strong, maybe even too strong for a small batch like this. I recommend adding one drop of Lavender into a cup pf water let sit for a few minutes then top off the pitcher with this lavender water for a more subtle flavor. 

Hope you enjoy this simple, easy to make drink recipe! Look out for more ways to enjoy coconut water in the months to come! 

xx nichole